Dr Tim Hamilton welcomes you

Welcome and thank you for your visit.

Our staff is committed to your total vision care. We’re happy to serve Union, Florence, and Northern Kentucky, with only the best equipment and service.

No Paperwork or Sign- in, We do it for you.

Computer visual acuity versus older projectors or paper charts.

The New Idoc digital imaging system by Marco.

Allows you to see what the doctors sees. You can see the interior and exterior areas of your eye on a large screen monitor. The Doctor can explain and show you any irregularities or alert you to any potential dangers to your vision.

The First i.Terminal in State of KY, made by Zeiss

A leader in consumer optics, measures within 1/10th millimeter all optical measurements insuring accuracy beyond human abilities. The most accurately produced pair of glasses you have ever owned.

Contact Lenses Competitively priced

No shipping charges (for annual supplies), Contact rebates are still applicable.

Exclusive products

Silhouette drill mounts (lightest weight and very durable) other lines include: Calvin Klein, Adidas, NIKE, Marchon, Kate Spade, Flexon, Juicy Couture, Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Banana Republic, Cole Haan, Nine West, Lacoste, Perry Ellis, Carrera, Saks Fifth Ave, Marchon Airlock, Boss Orange and many others.

Your vision and eye health are of prime importance to us! You are our patient not a customer. We wish to provide your visual needs (eyeglasses and contacts) at affordable prices without sacrificing quality.